Can I Get A Yeast Infection From My Girlfriend?

Yeast infec­tions are among the most frus­trat­ing infec­tions around. A yeast infec­tion is when the vagi­na has an extra large amount of can­di­da (a fun­gus) and it results in a vagi­na that is swollen, red, and itchy at the least. Many men won­der if you can get a yeast infec­tion by hav­ing sex with a part­ner who has a yeast infec­tion. The sim­ple answer to this ques­tion is yes, and it is not fun when it does hap­pen for your sex­u­al health. For­tu­nate­ly, there are some things that you can do to avoid spread­ing the yeast infec­tion to one anoth­er. Here are some sim­ple tips and ideas:

1. Under­stand right away that the only com­plete­ly effec­tive way to pre­vent the chances of get­ting a yeast infec­tion from an infect­ed per­son is to not have sex with them. This is obvi­ous and the most com­mon sense approach to deal­ing with a part­ner who has a yeast infec­tion. Allow them to be treat­ed and healed of the yeast infec­tion before you have sex and you will have no chance of get­ting the infec­tion.

2. Care­ful­ly pay atten­tion to your partner’s phys­i­cal make up. Know­ing your part­ner well and know­ing their vagi­na well is very impor­tant. This can help you to notice red­ness, swelling, unpleas­ant odors, and any oth­er irreg­u­lar­i­ties. If you notice any­thing that seems out of the ordi­nary, inform your part­ner and have them get it checked out before hav­ing sex. It is always a good idea to be on the safe side where infec­tions are con­cerned.

3. Many men and women share under­wear. Though the odds of get­ting an infec­tion in this man­ner are low, the chance exists. If your part­ner is suf­fer­ing with a yeast infec­tion, make sure that you are care­ful to not wear each other’s under­wear. This is actu­al­ly a bad idea to start with from a hygiene point of view, but espe­cial­ly so if one of you have an infec­tion of any kind. Get your own undies!

4. Some peo­ple are of the mind that wear­ing a con­dom will pre­vent the spread of a yeast infec­tion. While cer­tain­ly it is a bet­ter option than not wear­ing any­thing at all, it is not fool proof by any means. Con­doms are only as good as the fit and con­di­tion of the con­dom, and not all of your pri­vates are cov­ered. A trans­fer of the yeast infec­tion is still pos­si­ble, but a con­dom should be the least you would do if you are going to attempt sex­u­al rela­tions any­way.

5. Make sure that you treat the yeast infec­tion imme­di­ate­ly and thor­ough­ly. Over the counter anti fun­gal creams are effec­tive in most cas­es, but occa­sion­al­ly you may need an oral med­ica­tion to fight the infec­tion. It is vital that you see your doc­tor for any infec­tions that you are unable to fix with the anti fun­gal creams sold over the counter. Make sure you do not ignore and leave yeast infec­tions untreat­ed. That can lead to all sorts of prob­lems, and your sex life will like­ly be shelved much longer than it would oth­er­wise.

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