Creating a Boys Football Bedroom Design

Setting up a boys foot­ball bed­room is one of the eas­i­est things in the world to do. Foot­ball is nat­u­ral­ly one of their favorite sports, and cre­at­ing a foot­ball bed­room can be a huge hit. Sim­ply add some cre­ativ­i­ty to incor­po­rate the sport using their favorite teams as a tem­plate. If your lit­tle boy does not have a favorite foot­ball team, con­sid­er­ing the design around foot­ball in gen­er­al works as well.

One of the first things that you should do when set­ting up a boys foot­ball bed­room is to select your col­ors. If your lit­tle boy has a favorite col­lege or NFL foot­ball team, then you can sim­ply adopt those col­ors that rep­re­sent them. Most foot­ball teams have a two to three col­or design in their uni­forms and logos. If you are uncer­tain of the team col­ors, then sim­ply go to your near­est com­put­er. Online you can eas­i­ly type in the team name fol­lowed by col­ors and quick­ly get this infor­ma­tion.

Once you have a col­ors picked out for your boys foot­ball bed­room you can begin to fig­ure out how to incor­po­rate them. Many peo­ple will base the col­oration of the room on the col­or of the car­pet or floor. Because car­pet can be so expen­sive, many peo­ple will not wish to replace that. If the car­pet or floor is brown, white, tan or cream col­or, and usu­al­ly it will suf­fice. On the off chance that the car­pet is green, you will have the ulti­mate boys foot­ball bed­room floor.

The walls of a boys foot­ball bed­room can be done in any num­ber of dif­fer­ent ways. If you are high­ly cre­ative and skilled, then you could always paint a mur­al to go on the wall. Some­times blow­ing up a large foot­ball pho­to­graph of a crowd, field, foot­ball team logo, hel­met or field goal posts is ide­al. It real­ly just depends on what is avail­able to you. Posters of all of your child’s favorite teams and play­ers are avail­able every­where. These can dec­o­rate the walls quite effec­tive­ly as well.

Installing foot­ball cur­tains can add to the rooms atmos­phere. Again, foot­ball cur­tains can be found for every NFL and col­lege foot­ball team. There are many styles of foot­ball cur­tains to choose from. If the child is younger, then you may wish to go with some­thing in a laid-back design. Younger chil­dren will be much more drawn to extreme­ly col­or­ful designs. A good place to start look­ing for NFL foot­ball cur­tains would be NFL.com. They have links to every sin­gle foot­ball team and gift shops for each.

Anoth­er out­stand­ing way to build a boys foot­ball bed­room is to add foot­ball sheets and bed­spread. These can be found in the same places you might find the cur­tains, and pick­ing out the right ones is depen­dent upon your boys age.

As you can see, mak­ing a boys foot­ball bed­room is rather easy. As men­tioned above, if your child does not have a par­tic­u­lar favorite team and sim­ply loves the sport, then all of the things men­tioned above can be found in a gen­er­al foot­ball tem­plate. Most young boys have a team that they pull for, so this is usu­al­ly not nec­es­sary.