Historic Wrestling Moves in Pro Wrestling

The world of pro­fes­sion­al wrestling is all about the show. Good guys fac­ing bad guys and try­ing to come out on top was the for­mu­la for many years. Over time, the moves that wrestlers use to put on these shows have changed and mor­phed into some­thing just short of amaz­ing. They are doing things now that wrestlers would nev­er have dreamed of doing. In spite of this, the wrestling moves of yes­ter­year serve as the back­bone of mod­ern day pro wrestling. They are still used in between the new and spec­tac­u­lar ones, and some even remain exact­ly as they were back in the ear­ly days of Gor­geous George and Bruno Sam­marti­no among oth­ers. What fol­lows is a list of his­toric wrestling moves that had an impact on pro­fes­sion­al wrestling, and why they were so impor­tant:

The Body Slam

Vir­tu­al­ly every sin­gle per­son has heard the term body slam, and it is exact­ly what it sounds like. You pick up your wrestling oppo­nent and slam them to the can­vas. This move has evolved a great deal over the years and many vari­a­tions exist. Some wrestling moves such as the choke slam and the pow­er slam are direct­ly relat­ed to this ear­ly wrestling move, and to this day the stan­dard body slam is used by all wrestlers.

The Sleep­er Hold

This move was one of the first wrestling moves that would put your oppo­nent “to sleep” and ren­der them help­less. The truth is, a sleep­er hold real­ly could put you to sleep if it were applied tight­ly enough and could even kill you. The wrestlers use this hold both to rest, while still appear­ing to be in com­bat. One wrestler wraps his arms around the other’s neck and squeezes. The oppo­nent will usu­al­ly feign falling asleep, and then sud­den­ly come back to his sens­es and break free. This is also a great time to sneak in the next move to your oppo­nent or to set up a fin­ish.

The Fig­ure Four

The fig­ure four was prob­a­bly most notably used by the Nature Boy, Ric Flair through­out his long and glo­ri­ous wrestling career. This is yet anoth­er move that can seri­ous­ly injure some­one if actu­al­ly applied in real life. It entan­gles the two wrestler’s legs and puts pres­sure on the bones of the legs. This move was one of the most effec­tive “sub­mis­sion maneu­vers” used over the years, and still gets used today.

The Stun­ner

One of the most excit­ing wrestling moves in his­to­ry is the stun­ner. There are many vari­a­tions of this, includ­ing the RKO used by Randy Orton, the Dia­mond Cut­ter, used by Dia­mond Dal­las Page, and of course the Stone Cold Stun­ner, used by the world famous Stone Cold Steve Austin. This move is excit­ing in all of its vari­a­tions and is high­ly enter­tain­ing because of the quick­ness with which it is applied. The basic move is to reverse your hands around the neck and to then drop them to shoul­der as you fall to your rear.

The Pile-dri­ver

Made famous by wrestlers such as the Under­tak­er and many oth­ers, the pile-dri­ver is a very dan­ger­ous move. This is the one move that has the poten­tial to tru­ly be harm­ful, even when the pros do it. As such, you do not see it much any­more except from the vet­er­ans that are experts at apply­ing it.