Inexpensive Holiday Gifts For Snowboarders

Trying to find inex­pen­sive hol­i­day gifts for snow­board­ers can be quite a dif­fi­cult thing to do. When a per­son heads into the local snow­board­ing shop, they are like­ly to see expen­sive snow­boards, boots and var­i­ous oth­er gear on dis­play. This can give even the best shop­per a bit of stick­er shock. For­tu­nate­ly, there are some things that snow­board­ers will love that do not cost you a mort­gage pay­ment. Here are some inex­pen­sive hol­i­day gifts that you can buy the snow­board­er in your life:

Mag­a­zine Sub­scrip­tion

Most every snow­board­er would love to have a sub­scrip­tion to one of the hottest mag­a­zines about snow­board­ing like The Snow­board Jour­nal. Not only are you giv­ing them some­thing that is rel­a­tive­ly inex­pen­sive, you are also giv­ing them some­thing that will keep giv­ing through­out the year. This is a great gift for most any snow­board­er, regard­less of how avid they are. Just make sure they do not already sub­scribe before you buy it.


If there is one thing that no snow­board­er has enough of, it is good qual­i­ty socks. This is not some­thing that should be every­day socks, how­ev­er. You need to get socks that are top of the line and warm. A great pair of socks is almost as impor­tant as a great snow­board to the avid rid­er. Com­fort can make even the worst snow­board­ing day a great one. Even if you buy the high dol­lar socks, you are still going to come out cheap­er than most oth­er snow­board­ing gifts, and your snow­board­er will love you for it.


A step above socks on the price range, ther­mals offer the same thing as the socks – com­fort on the slopes. If your snow­board­er already has ther­mals, they will wel­come more to be sure. If you get them ther­mals and they did not have any, you will be a gift giv­ing mir­a­cle work­er. Ther­mals ensures not only their warmth, but their safe­ty as well. Noth­ing is more mis­er­able to a snow­board­er than to have the wind cut­ting through their cheap cloth­ing. Ther­mals are not ter­ri­bly expen­sive, but you should go with the best option you can for the mon­ey you have to spend.

An Edg­ing Tool or Wax

Not every snow­board­er does this for them­selves, but many do. An edg­ing tool is some­thing that most any snow­board­er will appre­ci­ate if for no oth­er rea­son to get rid of the ice on their board. Wax is good for the advanced snow­board­ers that do their own work. This can be some­what expen­sive, but you can usu­al­ly find a bar­gain if you look hard enough.

These are only some of the inex­pen­sive hol­i­day gifts that you can buy for your snow­board­er. Keep your eyes open for big sales, and you can like­ly find many more choic­es as well.