Powered Stair Climbers Make For A Highly Effective Workout

If you have access to a fit­ness cen­ter, be it your apart­ment complex’s exer­cise room or a gym you have a mem­ber­ship at, and you are not sure what piece of exer­cise equip­ment to use, then con­sid­er pow­ered stair climbers. You are not like­ly to find any oth­er machine for such a high­ly effec­tive work­out. If you are a reg­u­lar at your apart­ment com­plex fit­ness cen­ter, a mem­ber of a local gym, or you like hit­ting hotel exer­cise rooms when trav­el­ing, you might have been eye­ing the pow­ered stair climbers for a while as a new thing to add to your work­out reg­i­men at home. This can be a great idea, and you have like­ly noticed that those who use them tend to be in great shape and have lots of ener­gy. So who would not want to be one of them?

While tread­mills are great for get­ting some car­dio going, the ele­va­tion and angle they pro­vide is rather min­i­mal, and not all of them do it. Pow­ered stair climbers real­ly get you work­ing out in how they sim­u­late mov­ing upward, which makes your use more mus­cles and use them hard­er. You not only burn more calo­ries in the same time frame, you build mus­cle strength on top of the car­dio, giv­ing your work­out a time-sav­ing 12 punch.

Why Powered Stair Climbers Are Ideal

Pow­ered stair climbers are ide­al over machines that are not pow­ered or used man­u­al­ly. A pow­ered machine can usu­al­ly be set to pre­pro­grammed work­out, which means you can set it for 30 min­utes or some oth­er time peri­od, and then let it rip. Since it counts down that time peri­od, you are far more like­ly to con­tin­ue and fin­ish your work­out.

If you do decide to try pow­ered stair climbers and you are com­ing from a back­ground of tread­mills or sta­tion­ary bikes, you could be at huge risk of over­es­ti­mat­ing your abil­i­ty to han­dle them. While the exer­cise ses­sions are of sim­i­lar length for many peo­ple, the inten­si­ty can catch them off guard. Pow­ered climbers use more mus­cles than oth­er machines, and work­out all of them hard­er.

Unpow­ered machines shut down when you stop, and so exer­cis­ers using these wind up quit­ting when they lose their breath the first time. High­er end mod­els of stair climbers have advanced fea­tures like safe­ty clips you can attach to your work­out clothes which stop the machine if you fall off. You might also be able to check your heart rate on the han­dles to know if your pulse is in the tar­get zone for fat burn­ing. Good mod­els are always going to have spots for your keys, tow­el, water bot­tle, and smart­phone or MP3 play­er, since these are essen­tial items.

How Regularly Should You Use Powered Stair Climbers

Even if you are a sea­soned pro who can spend hours run­ning on a tread­mill at inclines, go easy on your­self the first few times you get on a pow­ered stair climber. If there are pre­set work­outs based on your age and weight, you should actu­al­ly use those. They give you a chance to get to know the machine, and you’ll have a few days to see how your mus­cles respond.

Expect your quads and calves in par­tic­u­lar to start show­ing the first signs of use and sore­ness and growth. Over time, you’ll notice that your abs and low back also either enjoy or protest the work­out. Hon­or what your body tells you and take a few weeks to fig­ure out what pace on a stair climber is right for you. The work­out has amaz­ing ben­e­fits, but start­ing off at 20 min­utes three times a week when using pow­ered stair climbers is a safe start you can grow from lat­er.

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