The Top Five Female Marvel Characters

Marvel Comics has always been known as a great place to go for pow­er­ful women. The ladies of Mar­vel Comics are about as pow­er­ful as their male coun­ter­parts, and in some cas­es even more so. Through­out the his­to­ry of Mar­vel Comics, the ladies have always tak­en on an impor­tant role. Some are famous in a team, and some are more known for their solo adven­tures. They all share one thing, how­ev­er. They all are blessed with beau­ty, strength, and super­pow­ers. Not every female char­ac­ter is noble, how­ev­er. Some are bad girls of the Mar­vel Uni­verse. Here is my list of the top five female char­ac­ters in Mar­vel Comics:


Storm is one of those com­ic char­ac­ters that vir­tu­al­ly any­one would love to be like. Calm, cool and col­lect­ed, she is able to con­trol all the pow­ers of the atmos­phere. That includes tor­na­does, light­en­ing, hur­ri­canes, cyclones and any oth­er kind of weath­er you might come up with. Who would not want to feel that kind of pow­er? Storm is also rather inter­est­ing in her ever chang­ing role as a leader of the X-Men. She is one of the few con­stants in the world of X-Men, and always seems to have the right answers.

Jean Grey

Jean Grey is the wife of Cyclops, and is con­sid­ered one of the most pow­er­ful peo­ple on the entire plan­et in the Mar­vel Uni­verse. Grey was one of the found­ing mem­bers of the orig­i­nal X-Men and has played a fea­tured role in the major­i­ty of their sto­ry­lines. Grey even went total­ly psy­cho after turn­ing into the Dark Phoenix, and near­ly destroyed the entire world. Now that is a lady throw­ing some huge tem­per tantrums. Jean is also a bit of a saucy lit­tle gal that has been roman­ti­cal­ly linked with Wolver­ine, in spite of her “love” for Cyclops. One thing is for sure about Jean Grey — she is unpre­dictable and fun to read about. That is the key to a great char­ac­ter in the world of comics.


Elek­tra was one of those sto­ries that kind of snuck up on you. She was a love inter­est of Matt Mur­dock (Dare­dev­il) and even­tu­al­ly spun off into her own book. The char­ac­ter of Elek­tra was very cool, with nin­ja stars, knives and skimpy out­fits. She was killed in the pages of Dare­dev­il, but brought back to life lat­er. Her con­stant pres­ence with Dare­dev­il either in his mind or in real­i­ty has been a dri­ving force in the book for ages. Elek­tra is cer­tain­ly one of the best.


Ah, Rogue. Rogue is the daugh­ter of the lady at the bot­tom of this list, and is con­sid­ered to be one of the most pow­er­ful peo­ple in the Mar­vel Uni­verse. Why? With a sin­gle touch she can take over the pow­ers of any­one. The prob­lem is that touch will also be fatal most of the time. This has led Rogue to lead a life of long­ing, wish­ing to be able to feel the close­ness of anoth­er human being. She has a love hate thing going with Gam­bit over the years, and it seems poor Rogue is des­tined to be a trag­ic char­ac­ter in com­ic book his­to­ry. She has had moments of mov­ing over to the bad side, and her moth­er is like­ly pro­vid­ing that gene.


Mys­tique is a shape shift­ing evil lady that has plagued vir­tu­al­ly every hero in the Mar­vel Uni­verse. The thing about Mys­tique is that she can actu­al­ly become any of the var­i­ous peo­ple that she touch­es. Sound famil­iar? It should, as Rogue is very sim­i­lar in her pow­ers. The pri­ma­ry dif­fer­ence in Mys­tique and Rogue is that Rogue is good at the core of her being, and Mys­tique is just not. Some of Mystique’s allies have been Sabre­tooth, Mag­ne­to, the Blob and vir­tu­al­ly any oth­er bad guy in the Mar­vel Uni­verse.