Top Five Attractions In Ireland

Ireland tourism has spiked in recent years and there is good rea­son. In addi­tion to the beau­ti­ful land­scapes and his­tor­i­cal attrac­tions there is a wealth of things to do and see. If you are inter­est­ed in vis­it­ing Ire­land you need to know about the top five events and sights that peo­ple only give rave reviews about.

Kil­main­ham Gaol is an absolute must see. The land­scapes and build­ing are breath­tak­ing, inspired by sym­me­try. The guid­ed tour is a must do, which will intro­duce you to the his­to­ry of the build­ings and the area.

If you are inter­est­ed in ancient his­to­ry, then you will def­i­nite­ly want to check out Ireland’s ancient east. You will be trekking off the beat­en path and be giv­en the oppor­tu­ni­ty to hear some of the 5,000 years of his­to­ry from some of the area’s best sto­ry­tellers. From the bustling vil­lages and towns to the cas­tles and unique works of art, there is some­thing for every­one.

Food tours and fes­ti­vals are also a must. It is the eas­i­est way to expe­ri­ence the sea­son­al and region­al food that is unique to Ireland’s cul­ture. Fes­ti­vals are held year round and often focus on sea­son­al offer­ings. If you are inter­est­ed in a food tour, some of the most pop­u­lar include the Bur­ren Food Trail and the Dublin’s Tapas Trail, which offers a sam­pling of the cel­e­brat­ed Span­ish foods that are found in the south inner city.

As you like­ly already know, the muse­ums of Ire­land offer every­thing from art to his­to­ry. How­ev­er, there are new options that are gar­ner­ing a great deal of atten­tion. One is the Irish Rock ’N’ Roll Muse­um, which is locat­ed in Tem­ple Bar Dublin. The biggest attrac­tion is the Phil Lynott col­lec­tion, which com­mem­o­rates the 30 year anniver­sary of his pass­ing. Water­ford Muse­um of Trea­sures is anoth­er must see that has been rec­og­nized as a con­tender for the Euro­pean Muse­um of the Year award.

Final­ly, if you are a music fan you will want to inves­ti­gate what music fes­ti­vals will be occur­ring while you are vis­it­ing. In recent years the music cul­ture has only grown and hosts some of the best in all of Europe.

This is only a gen­er­al guide to Ire­land tourism, but gives you a glance at what is offered to those that are both first time vis­i­tors and reg­u­lars. If you are plan­ning a trip keep these attrac­tions in mind so you can get the most of the cul­ture as you can.

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