Impotence Causes and Treatment

For a large number of men, sustaining an erection has nothing to do with attraction. Some men experience an inability to sustain an erection due to a health condition known as impotence, otherwise called erectile dysfunction. Impotence is not the same thing as being sterile, or ejaculation problems, though a lack of erection can cause these to be problems as well. Impotence is not always a complete lack of erection. It sometimes can be just an occasional problem, or even just a problem keeping an erection once it is gotten.

Impotence is most often caused by a physical problem, and it is often connected to the blood travelling to the penis. As a person ages, their odds of experiencing impotence increases. In spite of this, some men never experience impotence. It can be treated regardless of age, and these medical advances has men enjoying sex for a much longer period of time into their old age.

Common causes of impotence are diabetes, vascular disease, heart disease, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, and even some medications cause impotence as a side effect. What used to be a taboo subject, even at the doctor’s office has now become very common fare even in the public view. Not many men will suffer in silence with erectile dysfunction any longer. There are too many treatments out there that can fix impotence.

Some people suffer with impotence that is primarily psychologically based. They experience high levels of anxiety when they are faced with intercourse. This can often be treated with psychology, rather than medicine, and the treatment is generally very effective.

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Often when the impotence problem is psychologically based, it is a bit tougher to solve. Many times the doctor will get the patients sexual partner to help with the treatment. By slowing down, and making the stimulation slower and more relaxed, this type of impotence can be overcome. Many men that suffer this type of impotence have suffered with it since they were fairly young. It is a very frustrating source of shame for the patient in many cases. This can lead the patient to not seek help for their erectile dysfunction until they grow older and begin to mature.

There are a number of other treatments for impotence out there including vaccum therapy, oral medications, and even surgery. Each of these treatments are effective in most situations and only your doctor can tell you which route is the right one for you and your erectile dysfunction. Some common popular drugs to treat impotence include Viagra, and Cialis. These drugs are available through your doctor and have been giving mens health a huge boost.

Though erectile dysfunction is quite common, it is not a problem that you should ever suffer through without seeking help. The treatments these days are highly effective and the benefits are a rich and vibrant sex life once again with your partner.

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