Inexpensive Holiday Gifts For Snowboarders

Inexpensive Holiday Gifts For Snowboarders 2

Trying to find inexpensive holiday gifts for snowboarders can be quite a difficult thing to do. When a person heads into the local snowboarding shop, they are likely to see expensive snowboards, boots and various other gear on display. This can give even the best shopper a bit of sticker shock. Fortunately, there are some things that snowboarders will love that do not cost you a mortgage payment. Here are some inexpensive holiday gifts that you can buy the snowboarder in your life:

Magazine Subscription

Most every snowboarder would love to have a subscription to one of the hottest magazines about snowboarding like The Snowboard Journal. Not only are you giving them something that is relatively inexpensive, you are also giving them something that will keep giving throughout the year. This is a great gift for most any snowboarder, regardless of how avid they are. Just make sure they do not already subscribe before you buy it.


If there is one thing that no snowboarder has enough of, it is good quality socks. This is not something that should be everyday socks, however. You need to get socks that are top of the line and warm. A great pair of socks is almost as important as a great snowboard to the avid rider. Comfort can make even the worst snowboarding day a great one. Even if you buy the high dollar socks, you are still going to come out cheaper than most other snowboarding gifts, and your snowboarder will love you for it.


A step above socks on the price range, thermals offer the same thing as the socks – comfort on the slopes. If your snowboarder already has thermals, they will welcome more to be sure. If you get them thermals and they did not have any, you will be a gift giving miracle worker. Thermals ensures not only their warmth, but their safety as well. Nothing is more miserable to a snowboarder than to have the wind cutting through their cheap clothing. Thermals are not terribly expensive, but you should go with the best option you can for the money you have to spend.

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An Edging Tool or Wax

Not every snowboarder does this for themselves, but many do. An edging tool is something that most any snowboarder will appreciate if for no other reason to get rid of the ice on their board. Wax is good for the advanced snowboarders that do their own work. This can be somewhat expensive, but you can usually find a bargain if you look hard enough.

These are only some of the inexpensive holiday gifts that you can buy for your snowboarder. Keep your eyes open for big sales, and you can likely find many more choices as well.