Murdered Former Playboy Bunny Identified By Breast Implants

Murdered Former Playboy Bunny Identified By Breast Implants 2

Police were not sure what to make of the body they found in a dumpster in Los Angeles. The body was missing all the fingers and teeth, and identification was going to be quite difficult. The body had been stuffed into a suitcase. Upon investigating the body, they were able to identify the victim as former Playboy model Jasmine Fiore. The body was identified by the serial number on her breast implants.

Jasmine Fiore was reported as missing hours after the body was found. The body was identified on Monday. Ryan Alexander Jenkins, the reality star of such shows as Megan Wants a Millionaire and I Love Money 3, was Jasmine Fiore’s boyfriend. He reported her as missing, and has now disappeared. Los Angeles police are hunting for him and fear that he has fled the country to to Canada.

The details of this murder are gruesome to say the least. Jasmine Fiore had all of her fingers and teeth forcibly removed, presumably to make identifying the remains more difficult. Fortunately, they were able to identify her through the serial numbers that are attached to most breast implants, or the authorities may never have made the connection. Jasmine had been apparently strangled.

Jasmine Fiore and Jenkins had a whirlwind romance that kicked off with a marriage in Las Vegas. Some, including Fiore’s mother, has said that the marriage was not legitimate. It was odd if nothing else, considering that Jenkins was on reality television shows pursuing other women. The networks have pulled the plug on all shows featuring Jenkins, and have not announced any further plans for the shows.

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The police are asking for help in locating Jenkins, and call him a person of interest in the killing. What possible reason would Jenkins have to report her missing, be told they want to talk with him, and then disappear? It seems clear that Jenkins is certainly more than just a “person of interest” in this case.

What makes this especially difficult is that Jenkins certainly has the means to disappear. He is said to be worth over two million dollars. That can carry Jenkins to any number of isolated destinations. It is puzzling why someone who had such a wonderful lifestyle would commit such a horrible murder. Certainly Jenkins is innocent until proven guilty, but things do not look good for the reality television regular.

Jasmine, who also went by the last name Kincaid, was famous for working with Howard Stern, Playboy, and various Vegas hotels. She wanted to get involved in real estate, and also had interest in starting a personal trainer business. She was only 28 years old.