Protect Your Home from Lightning Disasters

Protect Your Home from Lightning Disasters 2

A good number of homes are destroyed by lightning strike every year. A single lightning strike can reduce a bungalow into rabbles within a matter of minutes. This mostly happens because lightning creates a power surge around the house that leads to dangerous electrical fires. The sad thing about this is that, lightning strikes so fast that not even the fire brigade can overtake its wrath. In addition to this, these firemen won’t attempt to get closer to the house especially if it doesn’t have a lightning arrester on it. It is for this reason why you should make sure your home (however new it is), is safeguarded from lightning and other natural factors.

The first step to protecting your home against lightning damage is by having a surge protector installed around the house. Through the surge protector, all electrical energy directed to the house when the lightning strikes will be deflected and cause no harm. The surge protector will also safeguard the in-house electrical system from being affected by the lightning. This helps protect your home from bursting into flames should the worst happen.

The next step is to have a secondary lightning surge arrestor installed on the highest peak of the house. This arrestor should have a voltage suppressor to help reduce enormous lightning charges to safer less destructive voltages. This surge suppressor should be tested to the recommended electrical standards as well. In addition to this, the electrical arrestor should have a properly functioning indicator light. For enhanced safety against lightning, it is always advisable to have the surge protection appliance installed to protect the house and its surroundings. Most of these devices can be purchased in local electrical shops through the help of a certified electrician.

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Having the surge protector and lightning arrestor installed doesn’t mean electrical appliances in the house are safe. A neighboring house may be struck by lightning and its surge extend to your house especially if you use the same electricity supply line. It is for this reason why you should buy smaller electricity surge protectors for all electrical appliances in your home. Most importantly, the surge protectors should safeguard your TV, decoders, HIFI cooker or fridge. Your computer too needs to be plugged in via surge protector to safeguard it from electrical fluctuations. Doing this will not only protect your house against fires caused by electricity fluctuation, but also safeguard the appliances as well.

If you live in a thunderstorm or lightning prone area, then consider having this include in your home insurance cover.

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