The Top Amenities for a Vacation Rental

The Top Amenities for a Vacation Rental 2

If you are someone that is planning on offering a vacation rental for the first time, you need to be aware that there are certain elements that make a particular unit appealing to potential renters. Understanding the value of these components will help increase the odds of getting the most value out of your rental plans.

Far too often, people will offer stripped down accommodation with few amenities. The landlord will assume that since people are looking to vacation, all the renter will be interested in is a “place to flop” for the night. This is a disastrous attitude some landlords take and it is one that needs to be avoided at all costs. First, when you rent a vacation accommodation you are in competition with all the other units on the market. When your rental property pales in comparison it will have a much harder time being rented. And, worst of all, if you turn your property into a proverbial “flop house” you probably will not attract renters that will be respectful tenants. So, the units will need to be a few amenities in order to be viable for vacation renting. Here is a look at a few of the top ones:

Private Entrances: No one wants to be monitored when they arrive and depart. Nor does anyone like to be delayed because others are using the entrance. That is why adding a private entrance to a rental property is an absolute must. And, contrary to common opinion, it is not always expensive to develop a private entrance.

Air Conditioning and Heating: Sure, people love the hot summer weather when they visit beach resorts. They also enjoy the cold winter air found at winter time ski resorts. However, they do not want to deal with extremes in temperature when they are in their rented rooms. They will want comfortable temperatures and the accommodations must provide such.

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Kitchen Space: One of the easiest ways to burn through a ton of money while on vacation is to perpetually order out food. That is why vacation rentals with kitchen facilities are so popular. Vacationers see such facilities as a means of cutting many costs from their budget. Hence, adding a kitchen to the rental would be a big plus.

Laundry: Laundry facilities are not always a make or break accommodation but they are a plus. And, if you are unable to add a washer and dryer to the rental, you could always mention the rentals proximity to a laundromat in the text of any advertising or promotional literature.

Adequate Parking: Vacationers are generally not fans of having a tough time parking. That is why garages, private driveways or adequate street parking is a huge plus for a vacation rental. A property with adequate parking is simply more attractive to one that lacks such parking.

There are a great variety of other amenities that can be integrated into vacation accommodations. The key thread among them is that they make the property more appealing and easier to rent.