The Top Five Female Marvel Characters

The Top Five Female Marvel Characters 2

Marvel Comics has always been known as a great place to go for powerful women. The ladies of Marvel Comics are about as powerful as their male counterparts, and in some cases even more so. Throughout the history of Marvel Comics, the ladies have always taken on an important role. Some are famous in a team, and some are more known for their solo adventures. They all share one thing, however. They all are blessed with beauty, strength, and superpowers. Not every female character is noble, however. Some are bad girls of the Marvel Universe. Here is my list of the top five female characters in Marvel Comics:


Storm is one of those comic characters that virtually anyone would love to be like. Calm, cool and collected, she is able to control all the powers of the atmosphere. That includes tornadoes, lightening, hurricanes, cyclones and any other kind of weather you might come up with. Who would not want to feel that kind of power? Storm is also rather interesting in her ever changing role as a leader of the X-Men. She is one of the few constants in the world of X-Men, and always seems to have the right answers.

Jean Grey

Jean Grey is the wife of Cyclops, and is considered one of the most powerful people on the entire planet in the Marvel Universe. Grey was one of the founding members of the original X-Men and has played a featured role in the majority of their storylines. Grey even went totally psycho after turning into the Dark Phoenix, and nearly destroyed the entire world. Now that is a lady throwing some huge temper tantrums. Jean is also a bit of a saucy little gal that has been romantically linked with Wolverine, in spite of her “love” for Cyclops. One thing is for sure about Jean Grey – she is unpredictable and fun to read about. That is the key to a great character in the world of comics.

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Elektra was one of those stories that kind of snuck up on you. She was a love interest of Matt Murdock (Daredevil) and eventually spun off into her own book. The character of Elektra was very cool, with ninja stars, knives and skimpy outfits. She was killed in the pages of Daredevil, but brought back to life later. Her constant presence with Daredevil either in his mind or in reality has been a driving force in the book for ages. Elektra is certainly one of the best.


Ah, Rogue. Rogue is the daughter of the lady at the bottom of this list, and is considered to be one of the most powerful people in the Marvel Universe. Why? With a single touch she can take over the powers of anyone. The problem is that touch will also be fatal most of the time. This has led Rogue to lead a life of longing, wishing to be able to feel the closeness of another human being. She has a love hate thing going with Gambit over the years, and it seems poor Rogue is destined to be a tragic character in comic book history. She has had moments of moving over to the bad side, and her mother is likely providing that gene.


Mystique is a shape shifting evil lady that has plagued virtually every hero in the Marvel Universe. The thing about Mystique is that she can actually become any of the various people that she touches. Sound familiar? It should, as Rogue is very similar in her powers. The primary difference in Mystique and Rogue is that Rogue is good at the core of her being, and Mystique is just not. Some of Mystique’s allies have been Sabretooth, Magneto, the Blob and virtually any other bad guy in the Marvel Universe.

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